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The Beach in Fall

About Us

Shalom by the Lake is set amidst the beauty of God's creation by the glistening waters of Halls Lake in the scenic Haliburton Highlands.

In 1989 the Lord led Joe and Suzie Kegel to purchase a property on Halls Lake, which included 5 cottages and a stone house all of which would require many hours of cleaning and renovation, as well as evicting the critters who considered the stone house their home! They realized that the Lord would not be creating a setting like this again tucked away from the rest of the world, with it's majestic pines and incredible 300' sand beach on the glistening waters of Halls Lake.

Over the years, family and friends helped to make a place where families and groups could come and enjoy a time of peace and relaxation.  In 1992 the Retreat Centre was completed, making it possible for groups to come and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Summer church services began in 1993 for those cottaging, as well as, folks cottaging in the area and others living in the community. Halls Lake Community Church was born and services are now held year round.

More help was needed, so in 1994 one of their daughter's, Karen Guyatt and her husband John, along with their 4 children came to help wherever they could.  A new cottage was added in 1996- an addition to an existing cottage was completed in 2000 and in 2001 one of the original cottages was torn down and 2 new ones built in it's place.

Joe and Suzie have indeed been blessed to get to know the extraordinary people who have chosen to come away to Shalom by the Lake. It's their privilege to call many of them close personal friends. Their prayer has been that everyone who enters this place will find the peace of God which passes all understanding. 2008 saw another cottage added, bringing the total to 8.

Please drop by for a visit. It will be a memorable time.

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